Behavior Therapy at Julie Billiart Schools

Behavior Therapy at JB


Julie Billiart Schools adhere to a whole-child approach to education and therefore offer a variety of supports for students to achieve goals beyond academic learning. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) work in tandem with our intervention specialists and parents to first identify, then modify, behaviors that may be obstructing a child’s social and academic growth, both inside and outside the classroom. 

Our BCBAs systematically identify and study a child’s behavior before developing interventions designed to increase on task, age-appropriate behaviors and reduce behaviors that are off task or not meeting expectations. The BCBAs then work with parents, teachers, and other therapists to ensure the interventions are delivered in a deliberate and consistent manner. 

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts

Behavior therapy is a data-driven science. Our BCBAs collect information about particular behaviors, including those we want to increase (reading, trying a new food, social interaction) and others we’d like to see decrease (aggression, frustration, meltdowns). Through classroom observations and input from parents and teachers, the BCBAs will use the collected data to develop a plan of intervention that can be implemented at school as well as at home. The BCBAs then provide direction to teachers, other therapists, and family members to ensure that the child’s behavior plan is being executed properly. The BCBAs continue to collect data to identify factors that may be influencing certain behavior, to understand behavior patterns, and of course, to measure behavior modification and adjust the plan accordingly.

Our BCBAs help students modify their perspectives and adapt to change and new experiences. However, their most important role here at Julie Billiart Schools is to help our teachers, staff, and families understand the behavior plan and learn various therapy techniques to ensure maximum results for the student.

Our BCBAs use different behavior therapy techniques and approaches to respond to specific student needs, while also providing teachers with the skills they need to make the most of each student’s classroom experience. The BCBAs at Julie Billiart Schools also monitor student progress throughout the year and adapt their strategies and guidance for teacher instruction accordingly. 

Reinforcing Positive Behaviors

Behavior therapy focuses on reducing behavior issues and promoting adaptation skills. Psychological techniques such as offering positive reinforcements help improve physical, mental and communicative skills that can ultimately reduce negative behavior, and encourage positive responses.

Behavior therapy techniques often complement and are used in conjunction with other supports such as speech or occupational therapy. Praise, positive reinforcement and small rewards can encourage a child to learn to use weak limbs, overcome speech deficit, and stop unwanted behaviors like hair pulling and biting. Sometimes referred to as behavior management or behavior modification therapy, these techniques can be used to improve tolerance to frustrations, help cope with panic disorders, overcome maladaptive or irrational thoughts about self-worth, and other behaviors sometimes associated with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), panic disorders, and other learning challenges.

Helping Parents and Teachers Gain Skills

Our BCBAs work in partnership with our teachers to identify what is driving a student’s behavior and to develop an intervention plan that can be smoothly incorporated into the classroom curriculum. Support and guidance are also provided by the schools’ BCBAs who offer families the tools and training they need to replicate positive behaviors observed in the classroom at home. The BCBAs also help families understand the factors that are contributing to their child’s behavior and identify specific challenges to target. Our BCBAs will discuss strategies for reinforcing positive responses, how to redirect undesirable behaviors, and help parents/families develop other behavior modifications that would be beneficial in the student’s daily life.

Providing Resources and Guidance

Finding a therapist in your area can be overwhelming. As experts in the field of special education, Julie Billiart Schools can offer parents and families recommendations for other behavioral supports and types of therapy in the community. We are here to ensure your child has all the necessary tools to reach his/her maximum potential.

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