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For almost 70 years, JB students with mild to moderate autism have thrived with support from onsite therapies, individualized education plans, and certified intervention specialists. 

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects how kids process information and ultimately, how they learn. School activities that involve social interaction, noisy or unorganized environments, or intense sensory stimulation can be particularly challenging for children diagnosed with autism. Lunchtime, recess, or unexpected schedule changes can cause fear, confusion, and even lead to emotional meltdowns. 

Our intervention specialists and onsite therapists are highly trained to educate and empower students with mild to moderate autism. JB’s whole-child approach to education is structured to make students with autism successful in the classroom. Our kids benefit from: 

  • Clearly established, structured routines 
  • Brain breaks and quiet time
  • Visual schedules and graphic organizers 
  • Teachers who prepare kids to anticipate change and be flexible, growth-oriented thinkers 
  • Intentional social strategies, routines, and activities 
  • A warm, nurturing environment where all students are accepted 
  • Sensory-friendly classrooms 
  • Flexible seating arrangements 
  • Onsite music, art, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Noise-canceling headsets, earplugs, and other accommodations that are “normal” at JB 
  • Challenging, developmentally-appropriate curriculum 
  • Onsite BCBAs who directly support intervention specialist and parents
  • Specialized assistive technology in the classroom  

These are just a few of the many supports that, while not impossible to offer, can be difficult to provide in a typical school where many students with a wide range of abilities all require varying levels of attention and accommodations. JB is not a typical school. 

Mindful and Inclusive

Mild to moderate autism often coexists with ADHD, anxiety, and other specific learning disorders that can impact a child’s ability to succeed in the classroom. Julie Billiart Schools has strategically created learning environments that ease anxiety, reduce distractions, and provide opportunities for collaboration and movement. 

Approach to Learning

Julie Billiart Schools adhere to the conventional curriculum mandated by Ohio’s Department of Education and recognized by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association; however, the way we teach is anything but conventional. Because every student learns differently, we teach each student differently, meeting their individual needs and learning style. Intervention specialists use prompting, visual reminders, and frequent learning breaks to increase each student’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and willingness to work outside their comfort zones.

A Team of Supporters

Our whole-child approach to education addresses each student’s academic, social, and emotional needs. Since consistency and continuity both at school and at home are critical to a child’s success, we work closely with families to ensure proper guidance at school and at home to help our students succeed. Having an open line of communication with families helps ensure they are getting the most out of their education.

Growth and Development

Students at Julie Billiart Schools gain confidence and self-advocate while they learn and play – growing skills that help them in school, as well as socially and emotionally. Our licensed intervention specialists and therapists help students set goals and reach them, in an environment where they feel comfortable and can thrive.

open-quote Julie Billiart Schools has helped my child become a better version of himself. The teachers and therapists at JB really know and understand how to reach children who learn differently. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote My kids love everything about JB and look forward to going to school every day and seeing their friends and teachers. JB is truly a one of a kind school enriching young lives everyday. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote Julie Billiart Schools gave us hope after our daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability. At JB, she thrived in the small classes, received necessary therapies, and developed the self-confidence to ask for help when she needed it. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote All of the teachers and staff at JB are patient and willing to take the extra time to make sure we, as parents, understand and are comfortable. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words how grateful I am that you saw my daughter for all that she is today and all that she is yet to become. close-quote

Tammie Sommer

open-quote They have all the resources necessary, specialized to the individual learning of each child, and the heart that goes with it. I don't think we would have stayed in Ohio if it wasn't for JB! close-quote

JB Parent

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