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Active September 2021 

As a network of schools with multiple campuses, Julie Billiart Schools understands that families may desire to change campuses due to travel time and geographic distance. As always, we will do our best to accommodate the needs of our families. However, to ensure continuity and to manage expectations appropriately, families should never expect a transfer as a condition of enrollment. At the time of enrollment, families should operate under the assumption that they may not be able to transfer during their child’s JB education. Transfers do happen, but are never promised or guaranteed. 

We do find that many families who start at a campus but desire another end up wanting to stay at their original campus because their child has made close friendships and loves his or her teachers and environment. We encourage families to take an attitude of permanence at their first campus so that students can settle in and reap the benefits of our schools. 


  • Families must spend at least one year from the date of enrollment at their current school before a transfer can be made. 

  • Families must be currently enrolled at a JB campus before completing a transfer request. 

  • Because Julie Billiart Schools offer the same environment, model, ratios, services, and care at each campus, the only reason a family should request a transfer is for geographic or travel reasons. 

  • Administration reserves the right to deny transfer requests based on class composition, child attendance, child behavior, and family relationship. 

  • Families should be able to successfully make the transfer within two weeks of notification that a space is available. 


  • When a student is currently enrolled at a Julie Billiart School and desires to transfer to a different campus, the parent should submit the request form below. 

  • The form submission will be shared with our administration and date stamped within the enrolled child’s file. The person completing the form will receive an email verification that the form has been received. 

  • If a vacant seat in the grade desired is immediately available and there is no waitlist for that grade, the parent will be contacted to begin the transfer process. Administration may dictate whether the transfer happens immediately or at the end of the quarter, depending on the school schedule. 

  • If a vacant seat is not immediately available, the student will be placed on the current Julie Billiart Schools waitlist. The student will be added to the waitlist based on the date of the request form. For example, if family A requests a transfer to a different Julie Billiart School, they will be added to the waitlist on the date the transfer request is received. Later that week, if family B submits a new application to that campus for a grade level that doesn’t currently have any openings, that family will be added to the waitlist after family A.

  • If a spot becomes available, the student will be brought into the desired campus to shadow. A screening day is not necessary, as the child has already been accepted to Julie Billiart Schools. 

  • Families will attend an acceptance meeting with their new school Principal.

JBS Transfer Request Form

I understand that if a space is not available at the desired location, my child will be placed on a waitlist until a space is available. I understand that JBS Administration will make every effort to transfer my child to my desired campus, but that a space may not become available during my child’s JB education. I understand that, no matter which JB campus my child attends, he or she is receiving love, acceptance, and belonging.

open-quote I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words how grateful I am that you saw my daughter for all that she is today and all that she is yet to become. close-quote

Tammie Sommer

open-quote All of the teachers and staff at JB are patient and willing to take the extra time to make sure we, as parents, understand and are comfortable. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote Julie Billiart Schools gave us hope after our daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability. At JB, she thrived in the small classes, received necessary therapies, and developed the self-confidence to ask for help when she needed it. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote My kids love everything about JB and look forward to going to school every day and seeing their friends and teachers. JB is truly a one of a kind school enriching young lives everyday. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote Julie Billiart Schools has helped my child become a better version of himself. The teachers and therapists at JB really know and understand how to reach children who learn differently. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote They have all the resources necessary, specialized to the individual learning of each child, and the heart that goes with it. I don't think we would have stayed in Ohio if it wasn't for JB! close-quote

JB Parent

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