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What Happens at a Screening Activity

Our highly qualified Screen Team, composed of Intervention Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Behavior Analysts, and Administrators, work together to engage your child in a warm, friendly school setting.

Screening is a part of the holistic assessment we use to determine if our schools have the services in place to support your child.

We explore your child's academic abilities, needs, and potential through developmentally-appropriate tasks and assessments. The most important part of our screening is the social and emotional component, as we want to ensure that Julie Billiart Schools have the appropriate supports in place to help your child thrive. We do not expect perfection and understand that students come to JB with a wide range of academic and social skills.

A typical Screening Activity includes a brief meeting in which students are encouraged to introduce themselves, followed by a social activity. We facilitate a writing and reading activity, followed by a mini recess or structured game, then a math activity.

We observe students' fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, coping strategies, self-advocacy, work stamina, and work ethic. We also love to see how they interact with their peers, answer questions, and follow directions.

What Happens After a Screening Activity

After the Screening Activity, our team collaborates to discuss the best way Julie Billiart Schools could serve your child. We complete an assessment form based on the levels of support needed and determine if we could serve your child in the future.

Parents can expect a determination, via phone call and email, within a week of the screening activity.
The screening activity is ONE STEP in a holistic evaluation process. We also look closely at a child's application, his or her IEP and ETR, psychological evaluations, and the current makeup of our classrooms.

Please note that an invitation to the Screening Activity does not guarantee an immediate placement at one of our schools. If we determine at a screening that we can support your child in one of our schools, he or she will be placed on our waitlist if there are no immediate openings.

If we do have an immediate opening in your desired grade level, we will work quickly to enroll your child. Parents will be alerted about openings and waitlist status in the post-screening call. Our Admissions Team will contact you to set up an acceptance meeting. If we determine that we don't have the services in place to support your child's needs, we will provide additional resources.


Screening FAQs

Screenings are held four times each year on an invitation basis. Screenings are part of the JB Admissions process and are available to families who have submitted applications. Those who have submitted applications for enrollment must register in advance for this screening day.

I need to add an updated IEP and/or ETR to my application. How can I do that?

You can review your submitted application, or add documents to your submitted application, by logging in through our application portal. You’ll be asked to log in using the username and password you used when creating your account. If you have any issues logging in, please email If you cannot add your documents, please email them to

Why is the Screening Activity held at a different campus from the one I’m interested in?

Our Screening Activities are held at various JB campuses multiple times each year. Applicants are invited to the next available Screening Activity, regardless of location. The location of a Screening Activity has no bearing on which campus a child will attend.

What are your COVID-19 protocols during screening?

At this time, masks are optional for our students, faculty, and staff. You are encouraged to send your child in whatever is more comfortable for him or her. We rigorously clean our classrooms and school spaces and practice safe distancing as much as possible. Please see our COVID-19 Policies and Protocols for updated information.

What if I can't attend the Screening Activity?

The Screening Activity is a critical component of our evaluation process and allows us to ensure that we can meet your child’s needs. If you cannot attend the Screening Activity immediately following the application submission, you will be invited to attend a Screening Activity in the future. Screening Activities are held multiple times each year.

What if I don’t have an up-to-date IEP and/or ETR?

Those attending a Kindergarten Screening Activity must have completed applications with updated, submitted IEPs and ETRs. If you are awaiting an updated document from your school district of residence, please let us know so that we can invite you to a future Screening Activity.

I'm worried that my child won't be himself/herself at the screening. What can I do?

We fully understand that children, especially those with learning and social differences, may have trepidation about this day. We promise to treat your kids like we do all of our students. Our goal is to make students feel calm and supported so that we can learn more about their unique needs. We’ve been leaders in special education for nearly 70 years, and have supported thousands of children through this process. Know that this screening is only one part of our determination. We are not evaluating or testing your child. We are evaluating whether or not Julie Billiart Schools have the services to support your child.

Can my child be re-screened if JB determines that they can’t meet his/her needs?

We know that children can experience tremendous growth from year to year. We would welcome the opportunity to meet with your child again in the future if you think that JB has the services to support him or her. We can re-screen one year from the date that your child was first screened.

Do I need to bring anything?

No! If your child is attending a Screening Activity, we already have his or her updated application, IEP, and ETR on file. You do not need to send anything else with your child.

How should my child dress for the Screening Activity?

Please dress your child in comfortable, school-appropriate clothes. While Julie Billiart Schools do require uniforms for current students, we do not expect prospective students to wear uniforms.

open-quote Julie Billiart Schools gave us hope after our daughter was diagnosed with a learning disability. At JB, she thrived in the small classes, received necessary therapies, and developed the self-confidence to ask for help when she needed it. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote My kids love everything about JB and look forward to going to school every day and seeing their friends and teachers. JB is truly a one of a kind school enriching young lives everyday. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote Julie Billiart Schools has helped my child become a better version of himself. The teachers and therapists at JB really know and understand how to reach children who learn differently. close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote They have all the resources necessary, specialized to the individual learning of each child, and the heart that goes with it. I don't think we would have stayed in Ohio if it wasn't for JB! close-quote

JB Parent

open-quote I don’t think I will ever be able to put into words how grateful I am that you saw my daughter for all that she is today and all that she is yet to become. close-quote

Tammie Sommer

open-quote All of the teachers and staff at JB are patient and willing to take the extra time to make sure we, as parents, understand and are comfortable. close-quote

JB Parent

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