I CAN make friends at school."I used to hate school. When I struggled the other kids laughed at me. At JB everyone learns differently. I've made real friends that like me for who I am and now I love school."Read More ▸
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I CAN be a part of the class. "When I get frustrated I don't get sent to the principal's office. My teacher helps me in the classroom with everyone else. I don't feel different than the other kids. I feel like I belong."Read More ▸
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I CAN be proud of myself at school."I learn differently than other kids. It used to make me sad. At JB, my teachers and therapists understand how I learn and encourage me to do things I never thought I could. That makes me proud of myself."Read More ▸
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Welcome to Julie Billiart Schools
We are a network of schools, with campuses in Lyndhurst and Akron, which embrace and celebrate the learning differences of children in grades K-8. Our safe and nurturing environments offer parents peace of mind and students the opportunity to reach their academic, social, and personal potential. Small class sizes, onsite specialized therapies, and highly experienced intervention specialists are just a few ways that Julie Billiart Schools take students with high functioning autism, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties BEYOND EDUCATION. BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.
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