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Who Was St. Julie Billiart?

We are honored to have Saint Julie Billiart as our school's patroness. Born in France as the daughter of a shop owner, Julie always had a love of education and the Catholic faith.  She effectively shared her love of learning with the children from her village.
The next period of her life was significantly trying. A traumatic experience left Julie paralyzed and bedridden. In spite of her physical suffering, Julie continued to teach and share her faith and humor with others from her bedside. When the French Revolution began, she offered her home to loyal priests. She was eventually forced to flee despite her poor health.
In 1803, she and Francoise Blin de Bourdon started a small religious community dedicated to education that would become known as the Sisters of Notre Dame. The following year, a miracle occurred: Julie, after being paralyzed for 22 years, began to walk again. She continued to share the faith until her death in 1816. Pope Paul VI canonized her in 1969.