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Board of Directors

2015-2016 Board of Directors

List of 27 members.

  • Mr. Brent Pietrafese 

    Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP
    Board Chairman, Julie Billiart School - Board Member since 2010
  • Mr. Brian Gale 

    I.D. Images, LLC
    Board Vice Chairman, Julie Billiart School - Member Since 2010
  • Mr. Jeffery Abke 

    Julie Billiart Board of Directors
    Board Member since 2009
  • Mr. Victor Alexander 

    Key Bank
    Director of Corporate Strategy
    Board Member since 2013
  • Mr. Michael Bidwell 

    Priority Solutions, LLC
    Board Member since 2013
  • Mrs. Nikki Bondi-McPolin 

    Advantage Partners,Inc.
    Managing Partner
    Board Member since 2014
  • Mr. William  Brancovsky 

    Oswald Companies
    Executive Vice President
    Board Member since 2014
  • Mr. Jonathan Bridge 

    University School
    Asst. Headmaster for Advancement
    Board Member since 2011
  • Mr. J. Scott Cade 

    Pricewaterhouse Coopers
    Managing Director
    Board Member since 2008
  • Mr. Richard Cavolo 

    McKinsey & Company
    Board Member since 2014
  • Sr. Grace Corbett SND 

    Notre Dame Elementary School
    Educational Tutor
    Board Member since 2015
  • Mr. Richard Favazzo 

    Conric Construction
    Board Member since 2009
  • Dr. Thomas Frazier 

    Cleveland Clinic Center for Autism
    Director of Research
  • Mr. William Glubiak 

    Cedar Brook Financial Partners LLC
    Founding Principal
    Board Member since 2008
  • Mrs. Alyssa  Grau 

    Hannah Commercial Real Estate
    Sales Associate
  • Mr. Henry Grendell 

    Kaufman, Drozdowski & Grendell, LLC
  • Sister Jean Hoelke SND 

    Sisters of Notre Dame
    SND Provincial Ministry Team
    Board Member since 2008
  • Mr. Richard  Kaplan 

    Board Secretary and Treasurer, Julie Billiart School - Board Member since 2009
  • Mr. Thomas Lang 

    JP Morgan Chase
    Board Member since 2014
  • Mrs. Jacquelyn Nance 

    Philanthropic Solutions, LTD
    President & CEO
    Board Member since 2015
  • Sr. Donna Paluf SND 

    Sisters of Notre Dame
    Support Staff for Facilities Manager
  • Mr. Patrick Peters 

    Jackson Lewis P.C.
    Board Member since 2014
  • Mr. George Reider 

    Majestic Steel
    Chief Strategy Officer & EVP
    Board Member since 2015
  • Mr. Bradley Reynolds 

    BER Holdings, LLC
    Board Member since 2015
  • Mr. David Roush 

    Staff Trak
    Board Member since 2012
  • Mr. Jason Sutton 

    Wells Fargo Bank
    NEO Regional Manager
    Board Member since 2010
  • Mr. William Valerian 

    Liberty Bank, N.A.
    Board Member since 2008


I believe strongly in the school's mission and that every child deserves the same opportunity to thrive in the classroom. Our administration and staff provide a safe and nurturing environment that allows each child to learn and shine in his or her own way. One of the great aspects of Julie Billiart is that we are able to have a direct impact on our students their families, and their communities by ensuring that when they leave us, they are prepared to continue their education and, ultimately, become productive members of society. The positivity instilled in our kids today will create a ripple effect that will touch more lives than we can even imagine. I have seen such profound influence firsthand, and that ability to have such a profound impact on the community at large is one of the main reasons I continue to serve on the Board and support the school.
For a school like Julie Billiart, it is vital to have a talented group of dedicated individuals who support the administration and have the same view toward achieving the school's goals. Our Board is just that. They provide oversight and guidance to the administration and staff in all areas of school operations. The Board is comprised of a thoughtful and diverse group of individuals who believe that all children can achieve at the highest level if nurtured with care and compassion. They endeavor to ensure that the management, programs and policies align with the school's mission.
In summary, Julie Billiart is the preeminent school in Northeast Ohio for children with special learning needs and, with the help of our Board, administration, staff, and donors will always provide a safe, nurturing environment in which its students can reach their full potential.
Brent M. Pietrafese
Board of Directors Chairman