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Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

As "Absolutely Incredible Kid Day" approaches on Thursday, March 19th, here are seven ways to celebrate your Absolutely Incredible Kid on this special day!
Celebrate Gala

Announcing the 2020 Celebrate Gala

Mark your calendar for April 25, 2020 to celebrate the students of Julie Billiart Schools with cocktails, a live auction and seated dinner! Held at the InterContinental Hotel in Cleveland, the annual Celebrate Gala raises funds that directly benefit our students' JB experiences.
Spotlight Image of Alumni

Julie Billiart Schools Alumni Spotlight: Mary Jo O'Neill

Mary Jo O’Neill is no stranger to the JB Way and the mission of Julie Billiart Schools. Having gone full circle at JB, Mary Jo attended the Lyndhurst campus from third grade through eighth grade. Her passion for the school and its mission eventually brought Mary Jo back to teaching at JB for nearly ten years. 
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Spooky Library returns to JB Lyndhurst

 For one week every year, students transform JB Lyndhurst's library into a spooky scene. 

10 of Our Favorite Children’s Books About Characters with Learning Disabilities

Empowering Children with Learning Disabilities

Of course, it can be empowering for children with learning disabilities to see characters portrayed in books that they can relate to. Not only do these stories help explain the differences and challenging situations children with learning disabilities experience, they also promote tolerance, and acceptance and instill an important sense of pride. In fact, a number of these selections tell the story of real-life heroes who have overcome obstacles associated with their learning disability in order to achieve great acclaim in their field. You’ll be glad you spent some time reading all of these wonderful books with your special student.

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Do IEPs Transfer from School to School?

What You Need to Consider When Transferring Your Child’s IEP

Even though all public schools in the United States are governed by theIndividuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), special education policies, systems and services can differ vastly from state to state. They also vary within Ohio public schools and among local, public school districts. That means if you move or decide to transfer your student, the programs and services may not look the same at the new school – even though they are required by lawto provide comparable services to what your child had been receiving as designated by his/her Individualized Education Program (IEP). Know that you are able to amend your child’s IEP in order to address special concerns, but the school’s IEP team must be in agreement with any proposed amendments before implementing any changes.

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Sensory Inclusive Spots in Northeast Ohio to Visit this Summer

School is out, the weather has warmed up and summertime is finally here! That means it’s time for vacation and all kinds of fun-filled activities. When you have a child with autism planning family activities can be overwhelming. The good news is that more and more playgrounds, theme parks, ball parks, museums, and movie theaters in Northeast Ohio are making their experience inclusive and accessible to kids of all abilities.

Keep in mind that sensory-friendly programs limit accessibility to a specific location, event or time, sensory-inclusive activities ensure the appropriate accessibility modifications and staff training is in place, every day, to address the special needs of individuals with an autistic spectrum disorder.

Welcome summertime with a special invitation to sensory-friendly and sensory-inclusive fun for the whole family.

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Top 3 Summer Activities For Students That Have Learning Disabilities

Continuing to provide meaningful activities for children that learn differently during summer months helps them in the classroom once they return to school in the fall. Engaging in fun activities and programs with family and peers during the summer months also helps develop self-confidence and social skills! Discover some of the best summer activities for your child or teen with learning challenges

dyscalculia article

Teaching Students with Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia at Julie Billiart Schools

Small classroom sizes at Julie Billiart Schools in Lyndhurst and Akron allow for individualized attention that help students with dyscalculia and dysgraphia succeed. Our team at JB is experienced in developing and implementing intervention programs for children with specific learning difficulties.
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What Is Speech/Language Therapy?

Myth: Speech/Language therapy is for students who have difficulty articulating or pronouncing words.

Truth: Julie Billiart Schools uses Speech/Language Therapy to help students with autism, dyslexia, ADHD and executive functioning disorders express themselves verbally and form conversation in a social environment. Speech/Language Therapy improves receptive and expressive language delays in students of all ages. JB’s team of Speech/Language Therapists work with students to correct previously identified speech problems one-on-one and  in small group settings.
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Autism Schools in Ohio

The Julie Billiart School Model

Finding a school in the state of Ohio that focuses on special education all day, every day can be a challenge, especially when looking for one that will meet the unique academic and social needs of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Julie Billiart Schools, with campuses in Akron and Lyndhurst, offer students with autism (and other specific learning challenges) in grades K-8 the opportunity to receive the educational programs and therapies they need to reach their full  potential.

Light It Up Blue - Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness

Since fifty percent of Julie Billiart Schools’ (JB) students are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we, along with millions of others across the globe, pledge to “Light It Up Blue” this April during World Autism Month.  In recognition of others living with autism. we will be joining the world to celebrate the unique talents of those with this broad range of conditions and bring attention to the importance of early diagnosis and intervention.
Back to School

Helping Your Child Work Through Back-To-School Anxiety

Back-to-school season can generate a lot of nervous energy for children of all ages, from preschool to high school. Here are three key tips for parents to remember while working with agitated, anxious children who are not looking forward to the new school year, no matter their ages. 
Excellence in Special Education

Excellence in Special Education

The National Association of Special Education Teachers (NASET) recently named Julie Billiart School, Lyndhurst as a “School of Excellence”. This recognition, the highest given to a private special education school by the organization, is awarded only to those that demonstrate exceptional dedication, commitment and achievement in the field of special education. “We’re thrilled to be recognized by NASET,” said JB, Lyndhurst Principal Jodi Johnston, “Our faculty and staff work incredibly hard to develop strategies and innovative techniques to promote successful learning for each of our students. Being named a ‘School of Excellence’ is truly a tribute to their dedication and commitment to our mission. I’m so proud for them.” Johnston continued. To be considered a “School of Excellence”, a learning institution must: 
4th of July

Tips For an Autism Friendly 4th of July

With parades, BBQs, and lights filling up the sky, the 4th of July is, for many of us, a fun weekend holiday. Although shining, loud fireworks are generally fun for the whole family, they can be overwhelming for children with autism. The sensory overload might just be too much to handle and can create a complication in your Fourth of July plans. Not to worry, here are a few tips on how to help your child enjoy this Independence Day!  

Saving Your Sanity With Structure and Routine

In a typical school day, kids follow a carefully planned routine from the time they arrive to the time they are dismissed. They listen to announcements and eat lunch at the same time each day, learn subjects in a specific order, switch classes when the bell rings, put their materials away after using them, and obey classroom rules that have clear consequences. This structure not only makes for a positive learning environment, but allows kids to change from one activity to the next while practicing and learning expected behavior. Whether or not your child struggles with learning differences, or behavioral challenges, creating structure at home will help ease daily life and reduce meltdowns. Below are some helpful tips for creating structure at home. 
Gearing up for Summer

Gearing Up For Summer

As Memorial Day approaches and marks the official start to Summer, here are a few safety (and sanity) tips for parents and families of children with autism, sensory processing disorders or other special needs. 
8 Tips

8 Tips to Encourage Summer Reading

Research shows we all tend to learn more slowly in the summer than in the winter months. Some students actually go into reverse and lose some of the reading skills they gained during the school year. This can be especially concerning (and discouraging) for kids already struggling with a learning difference. Because, literacy experts suggest that summer reading actually improves kids' reading ability, here are just a few creative ways to prevent the "summer slide" and even keep yourself reading!  
The Right School

4 Mistakes Parents Make When Choosing a Special Needs Private School

You want to find the right environment where your Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) student can thrive – academically, emotionally and socially. But finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Avoid these three common mistakes parents make when choosing a special needs private school:
Life Road Signs

Special Ed: Transitioning To High School

Moving from middle school to high school can be both exciting and challenging for students. It’s a time when they will be meeting new people, learning from multiple teachers, participating in different clubs and activities, and gaining more independence. For teens with special learning needs, the transition will go more smoothly if parents plan ahead to make sure all of their accommodations are in place when they arrive at their new school as a freshman.
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