Music Therapy

Using the Power of Music

Julie Billiart Schools offers music therapy as a useful intervention to help students develop fine motor skills, improve language and speech abilities and encourage social interaction. Music related activities and experiences enrich a child’s ability to think, speak, move, and understand.
Music Therapy, as defined by the American Music Therapy Association, is the clinical and evidence-based use of music to accomplish individualized goals. At Julie Billiart Schools, our music therapists use rhythm, song, dance and melody to help increase communication skills, self esteem, social skills and ability to stay on task.

Myth #1: Music therapy is just listening to music.

Fact: Listening to music is certainly a therapeutic tool used by our music therapists, however, they also incorporate singing, playing instruments, recording music and moving the body to help our students express feelings and thoughts, develop fine motor skills and encourage social interaction.  

Myth #2: Music therapists are music teachers.

Fact: Our music therapists are certified professionals that are trained and skilled in the methods that engage students with music and encourage personal and academic growth. Our music therapists are trained to work with students with ADD/ADHD, autism, anxiety, sensory processing disorders, and other learning difficulties.  

Myth #3: Music therapy is the same as music lessons.

Fact: Music therapy is different than music lessons. Music therapists hold specific credentials and teach with the intent to help students reach their individual learning goals. The mission of the music therapists at Julie Billiart Schools is to help our students express feelings, positively impact movement, improve communication skills and increase social development.

The Julie Billiart Schools Approach to Music Therapy

Our music therapists collaborate with our certified intervention specialists and students’ families to find the methods that work best for each student. Our therapists encourage parents to continue the specific music therapy techniques at home that have helped their child in the classroom. From dancing to playing drums, music therapy helps with language and motor coordination while also enriching the lives of our students and their families. Working as a team with our intervention specialists and our families is how we help our students succeed!

Join the Julie Billiart Schools Family

To see first hand how music therapy can enrich your child’s academic and social development, register for our upcoming Open Houses, email us at or call (JB Akron at 330-970-9902 or JB Lyndhurst at 216-381-1191) with any questions!
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