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JB Serves Students With Dyslexia

Traditional teaching methods and study techniques can be unsuccessful and frustrating for some students. Children with dyslexia, in particular, are more likely to fall behind their peers and struggle academically when their learning challenges are not addressed properly. Many public and private schools don’t have the special education professionals or individualized learning supports that are necessary for children with dyslexia to succeed.
Julie Billiart Schools, with campuses in Akron and Lyndhurst, offer students with dyslexia small class sizes, comforting learning environment, and experienced intervention specialists that understand the challenges associated with language-based learning disabilities. 
As Northeast Ohio’s leaders in special education, Julie Billiart Schools have a combined reputation of excellence for more than 65 years.

We Help Students with Dyslexia Learn

Dyslexia not only affects a child’s ability to read but also their ability to learn. Innovative teaching techniques and literacy programs like My Sidewalks®, Wilson Reading System®, and Learning Ally® are research-based and designed to accelerate struggling readers’ mastery of skills like phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
We utilize a multisensory approach to literacy and all academic subject matter. It's not uncommon to hear and see students singing, “rapping” and using physical movement to learn concepts in science, social studies, and reading. Audiobooks, voice-to-text technology, and individualized instruction are just a few other ways Julie Billiart Schools supports students as they work towards reading at or above their grade level. Even more important, is the fact that our intervention and reading specialists help students gain self-awareness so they feel confident asking for the support they need to be successful.

A Successful Educational Path

Our conventional curriculum that includes language arts, math, science, and social studies meets the Ohio State Department of Education standards and is recognized by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association. As Catholic schools rooted in the educational principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame, we welcome all faith traditions.

Working Alongside Families

Our individualized learning plans are based on a thorough assessment of each student and facilitated by our licensed intervention specialists and on-site therapists. Contributing to each student’s success, inside and outside the classroom, is a team of teachers, administrators, on-site therapists, and families. Teamwork and collaboration are key to assuring each student is working at their highest potential.
Discover Julie Billiart Schools at our next Interested Parent Open House at our Akron or Lyndhurst campus. See teacher and student interactions in the classroom, learn more about financial assistance and have all your questions answered.
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