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Last Updated: March 30, 2020 at 3:02 p.m.

Current Status of Julie Billiart Schools

In cooperation with Governor Mike DeWine’s announcement on the afternoon of March 30th, 2020, Julie Billiart Schools will be closed until Friday, May 1. This order applies to all K-12 schools in the state, both public and private, and comes as COVID-19 continues to spread in Ohio. 
Updated Schedule 
Monday, March 23 - Thursday, April 30 - Our schools will be closed, and we will provide distance learning for students.
Friday, April 10 - No school, Good Friday
Monday, April 13 - No school, Easter Break
Friday, May 1 - Mandatory shutdown is scheduled to be lifted. Gov. DeWine will reevaluate this date as it draws closer.

Education Plan

All teachers will launch an accessible online portal for parents to find at-home lessons and resources for their children. Please prepare for the possibility that you may require a computer or tablet and access to online education. Please let us know if you do not have access to these measures. More information to follow. 


We feel that it is important to stay closely connected to our JB community during this time. This webpage serves to provide regular updates on how Julie Billiart Schools are protecting students and preparing for online education for our students. If you have any immediate concerns that you or your child has COVID-19, please contact us immediately. 
We are closely monitoring this situation and taking direction from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ohio Department of Health. Please check back regularly for updates. 

Preparedness & Planning

Please be aware of the latest steps we are taking to better prepare Julie Billiart Schools students, faculty and staff for the potential community transmission of COVID-19. The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is always our topmost concern.
  • School will be closed for three weeks beginning Monday, March 16.
  • We are limiting community access to all school buildings. Gatherings and and meetings with outside visitors will be held remotely or off campus.
  • We are investing in periodic deep, professional cleanings of both campuses, which includes common areas, classrooms, bathrooms, and other areas.
  • All Julie Billiart Schools students are now required to wash their hands throughout the day, specifically prior to having their morning snack, before lunch, and if they have touched their nose or mouth.
  • We are limiting any school meetings, events, and assemblies to smaller groups. 
  • Soap and hand towel supplies are checked frequently by the JB maintenance staff. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are available in all classrooms, offices and community areas.
  • We are regularly cleaning student desks and tables throughout the day and asking faculty and students to disinfect shared surfaces after each use.
  • All events at Julie Billiart Schools have been postponed until further notice. 

At the end of the mandatory closing, please keep your child home if:

  • Your child is feeling ill. Please keep your child home from school and communicate the nature of the illness to Julie Billiart Schools administration. Click here for information on symptoms, prevention, and treatment from the CDC.
  • You, your child, or your family members contract COVID-19. If anyone in your household requires COVID-19 testing or is confirmed to have the virus, alert Julie Billiart Schools administration immediately. 
  • You or your child have recently traveled to an area identified as a “community spread of coronavirus”. In accordance with CDC guidelines, if a student, faculty or staff member travels to an area identified as a “community spread of coronavirus,” they may not return to school until it is safe to do so as determined by CDC guidelines. 

Helpful Links and Resources

Contact Julie Billiart Schools

If you have questions or concerns that are not addressed on this page, please reach out. As a reminder, if you are keeping your child home due to illness or suspected COVID-19 community exposure, please let your school's office know immediately. 
JB Lyndhurst: 216-381-1191
JB Akron:  234-206-0941

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