What Makes Us Unique
As highly recommended special education schools with campuses in the Cleveland and Akron areas, we understand that students learn best when their differences are understood and accepted, when appropriate accommodations are made available and, most importantly, when their strengths as learners are defined, affirmed, and cultivated.
We provide a comprehensive K-8 program that features specialized and personalized attention, small class sizes, highly trained Intervention Specialists in each classroom, and a whole-child approach to learning. Our core beliefs of respecting differences and building on strengths is vital for students who learn differently.

Learning Environment

  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention and nurturing.
  • Each student's learning style is identified to develop a customized plan to meet their unique needs.
  • Confidence, self-advocacy, and respect for others are core values incorporated throughout our learning environment and curriculum.

Social Learning

  • Structured programs that encourage social interaction, group participation and friendship building skills. 
  • Our social curriculum builds the skills that our students need to process thoughts and perceptions of others so they can respond meaningfully.


  • A variety of assessments are used to determine each student's learning baseline.
  • Daily monitoring evaluates each student's progress and supports the mastery of IEP goals.

Spiritual Growth

  • As a Catholic school rooted in the educational principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame, we welcome and respect all faith traditions.
  • We strive to build self-confidence, as well as respect, kindness, and compassion for others.

Words From A Parent 

"Julie Billiart School has been a gift to my son and our family. My son is this beautiful amazing boy full of potential, and the teachers and staff to Julie Billiart see him exactly this way too. And as with many families at Julie Billiart, that was not our experience in previous educational settings.The small classes, curriculum, and extra support services tell only part of the story. There is a palpable energy in the building that sincerely welcomes and embraces every child who walks through Julie Billiart's doors." Betsy Dellinger, JB Lyndhurst Parent 

Measuring Progress
A variety of assessments are used to determine each student's academic abilities, and daily monitoring progress to help support the mastery of their IEP goals. Assessment tools include:
  • DSA (Developmental Spelling Approach)
  • MAPS
  • Accelerated Reader (AR)
  • Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI), 
  • Stanford Achievement Tests 
  • Curriculum based assessments. in testing grades 3-8

Julie Billiart Schools are accredited by the Ohio Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCSAA) as part of the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland through the State of Ohio.
and follow the Cleveland Catholic Diocese and Ohio Department of Education course of studies.
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